Videos, Styled by Karin Elgai

Midtown Tel Aviv Luxury Buildings. Commercial (English).

Baptiste Giabiconi – Speed of Light. Music Video.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes – Man on Fire. Music Video.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes – Man on Fire

J. Viewz – Rivers and Homes. (From Grammy Nominated Album; Rivers and Homes). Music Video.

V Magazine – Bad Sport, by Mete Ozeren. Short Film.

Bring Us Home – by Patrick Meany and Jordan Rennert. Short Film.

Intergalactic Spy – An off Broadway Parody Musical. Promotional Preview.


Shadow Free- Trailer, Facebook Page and Twitter Page are Out Now!

The show Douglas McGinness, James Tynion, Brian Donegan, Rachael Hip-Flores, Brandon Johnson, Colin Fisher, Cohlie Brocato, Ned Thorne, Alex Colby, Lucia Racekova Hulsizer, myself and so many others worked very hard on- has finally released its official trailer!

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Sheesh, it’s Been Long. And Busy.

Hello fellow computer owners!!

Did you miss me?

After the overdose of blogging during Fashion Week, I was pretty exhausted and really realized, for the millionth time, my writing skills are less than impressive. I am quite good meh at talking though so here’s a little video I made with the help of Ned Thorne!

With Chris and Jackson at the Caroline Hoermann Shoot

Final Photos from “Pratt Street Lads”, Shot by Ben Shaul

Behind the scenes photos of Shadow Free’s Pilot Shoot (Photos by Ned Thorne)

I hope you enjoyed this long-overdue post.

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I bathe in your support and love you tremendously!!

Stay fantastic,

Karin Elgai

Last Days of Fashion Week and Other Types of Candy

So guess what, I suck at updating my blog, what else is new. But I am making an effort to get better and that’s, well, that’s something.

So there are a BUNCH of new weird projects that I love (!!) but first things first- Fashion Week. I owe you some photos, and thought so enjoy.

September 13th: 

Michael Angel: 

What: Womenwear

Where: Box at Lincoln Center.

Who: Michael Angel

Waiting in line to get into Michael Angel’s presentation, I was exhausted (9am), but feeling even worse for the models who probably had to be there at 6am. I walked in and there were mannequins- personally, I thought that was total bullshit, but at least the collection was good. Once again, Michael Angel teams up the great combination of close-up prints and wild textures and turns them into wearable, graceful works of art.

Karen Walker: 

What: Womenwear

Where: Exit Art.

Who: Karen Walker

I had the extreme pleasure of working for Karen Walker in the past. Meeting the fabrics, seeing the patterns, feeling the adorableness. I was is awe. And once again I had the chance of getting a behind the scenes glimpse of the world of Karen Walker. Join me.

I’m loving this pouch necklace!!

I want me entire wardrobe in this pattern, it’s amazing.

Let’s start the show

Isn’t this show breathtaking? Look after look, a-ma-zing!!

September 14th: 

The Blonds: 

What: Womenwear

Where: Zach Feuer Gallery.

Who: Phillipe & David Blond.

Probably the most fun show, not only during Fashion Week, but ever!!

The Blonds are not afraid of risks, and never have been. Their fashion is loud, extraordinary, fascinating and FUN!! Which is what fashion should be!

My spot in the show was problematic but I hope you can still enjoy the photos.

The stunning Phillipe Blond!!

Our gorgeous designers!! I adore them!

 So, yes, there have been other shows I went to but none of them were blog-worthy… So I saved you the best of the best.

Now, that Fashion Week is done, I’m back to full on styling. Can’t wait. I already had one great shoot the day after Fashion Week and I’ll update a post about that later in the week.

More to come soon? Since I discovered this fashion week how lazy I am when it comes to updating my blog, I’m going to start uploading videos. About shoots, about labor right in the fashion industry, about my baking, my music and other forms of art.

I love you guys for reading these lines and showing support. You are awesome in the extreme.

Stay amazingly fantastic.


Karin Elgai

MBFW, Thom Browne, Alexandre Hechcovitch, Betsey Johnson. September 12th.

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’ve been a horrible cunt and didn’t update yet for September 12th. But hey, I was exhausted, so deal with it. I’ll have to dig into my memory and tell you how it was.

Thom Browne Women’s: 

What: Womenwear

Where: NYC Public Library (Bryant Park).

Who: Thom Browne

I liked the show before I even got to the venue. Why, you ask? Because if you follow my tweets you should know I miss Bryant Park dearly as the main venue for FW. Yes, Lincoln Center is closer to my apartment. Yes, it’s bigger and more convenient in almost every way. By my first FW was in Bryant Park and it’s hard to control nostalgia. But will get back to that point.

So Mr. Browne is mostly known for his menswear. I believe he launched his womens-wear only a few season ago and he’s excelling so far. I was worried that for a designer coming from menswear the show would be menswear with a feminine fit- but my worries were in vain, the show was amazing, the collection was enviable, made me happy and put Thom Browne in my top 10.

The ladies getting into the presentation, highly inspired by The Great Gatsby.

This outfit made me want to have a Bugs Bunny marathon, here’s that nostalgia again…Loving the extreme strap on the bags.

You can see how easily it was for Mr. Browne to get into my top 10.

Job well done.

Alexandre Herchcovitch: 

What: Womenwear

Where: Eyebeam.

Who: Alexandre Herchcovitch

I always liked Alexandre Herchcovitch. I worked backstage in a few of his shows and the shows he had with Rosa Cha and they were always amazing. I’m always blown away by male designers who understand the female body so well. I’ll let you see for yourself.

I’m loving those caps.

And here’s our designer, pulling a T.F. (Toni Francesc did the same thing last season), and walking among his models during the show’s finale.

Betsey Johnson: 

What: Womenwear

Where: Theatre at Lincoln Center.

Who: Betsey Johnson

Some people are idiots.

Some people confuse feminine with delicate or weak, but Betsey Johnson’s show proved that feminine is nothing but confident, powerful and absolutely amazing. Since it’s a packed house show, my seats weren’t amazing (and definitely not as good as Nicki Minaj’s seat…) so I’ll leave you with these videos.

And here’s Betsey doing the splits on the runway after the finale.

Don’t you love her?! I LOVE HER!!

That has been a very successful fashion day, and very soon you’ll get an update about September 13th and the adventures I had then.

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Thank you so much for reading (and for the goodie bags) and stay fantastic!!


Karin Elgai

MBFW, L.A.M.B., Diane von Furstenberg, Guishem, Jen Kao, Katie Gallagher. September 11th.

I want to start by wishing a happy birthday to my best friend, Nedward!! I hope you had fun boy, we need to get drunk soon!!

And now, let’s  hit the fashion topics while they’re hot.

So, on the 10th I’ve been to L.A.M.B, DVF, Guishem, Jen Kao, Erickson Beamon, Katie Gallagher and a few other shows, that aren’t worth mentioning. Today I’m going to write about the very best; L.A.M.B., DVF, Jen Kao & maybe Guishem. Let’s get crackin’.


What: Womenwear

Where: Box at Lincoln Center.

Who: Gwen Stefani 

I was a bit disappointed that L.A.M.B. only put up a presentation this season and not a runway show, last season’s show was incredible. It was divided into groups that describe different types of women, had amazing video art and was huge- I liked it a lot.

L.A.M.B. Fall 2011.

When I got to the tents to see L.A.M.B. this time I was really happy I had a reservation cause there was an extremely long line to get in. Little did I know- that line lead to another line and then another line to see the presentation. But good things come to those who wait- Stefani’s designs were smart, chic, super  fun as always and I think every woman (and a few men) in that room found at least 5 pieces she/he would wear.

Care to find yours?

Gorgeous accessories and this one is one of my favorite looks.

I am in love with this clutch!!

Ms. Stefani did an amazing job once again, and all those line were worth waiting in.

Diane von Furstenberg: 

What: Womenwear

Where: Theatre at Lincoln Center.

Who: Diane von Furstenberg

What did you expect from DVF? The show was fabulous and happy and as always- super feminine. The patterns were really cool and were young and new. My seats weren’t amazing but this video might be able to help.


What: Womenwear

Where: Box at Lincoln Center.

Who: Guillermo Jop

From both laziness and lack of time I’ll just tell you that I liked mostly the structure of the garments and the emphasis the graphics put on certain areas in the body. Well done collection, looks finished, young and wearable by almost every woman.

Jen Kao: 

What: Womenwear

Where: Studio at Lincoln Center.

Who: Jen Kao

This was my first introduction to Jen Kao and I’m sorry we met just now cause I loved her style of design. It was different than anything else I’ve seen this week.

Our amazing designer.

Nothing makes me happier than innovation. Oh, and goodie bags.

So that’s it for the 11th, sorry it took so long to upload, those photos are hea-vy.

Thank you so much for reading and stay fantastic.


Karin Elgai


MBFW, Ruffian, Lacoste, Pink Tartan, Charlotte Ronson, ALDO Rise, Alejandro Ingelmo, Pamela Love, Erin Fetherston. September 10th.

September 10th was awesome!!

If you visited yesterday, you might remember I promised an embarrassing story- read on and you’ll get to it.

I’ve attended 8 shows and my back will never forgive me for walking (and running) in heels for so long. But enough about me, let’s handle the fashions of September 10th.


What: Womenwear

Where: Studio at Lincoln Center.

Who: Brian Wolk and Claude Morais

First Show of the day presented what the program explained as a decision to “explore our namesake RUFFIAN, the famous filly (female) racehorse and the society surrounding the world of racing”. That came across in the collection in every way, but since I’m a dumbass and watched the show before reading the program it occasionally seemed like an ode to the Spice Girls, in the best way possible.

But enough about this jibber-jabber, watch the images.

Shoes by Ruffian for Vince Camuto 

Brian Wolk and Claude Morais, a job well done.


What: Men’s & Womenwear

Where: Theatre at Lincoln Center.

Who: Felipe Oliveira Baptista

Sadly, my seats were terrible and this is the best photo I was able to take:

This was Felipe Oliviera Baptista’s first collection for Lacoste and it was a breeze of fresh air. I have been a huge fan of Lacoste ever since I can remember myself- it’s a brand that managed to do the impossible; Stay young, fresh and relevant for decades over decades. Felipe Oliviera Baptista’s collection, as it says in the program is “never nostalgic” which is very well put. The designer takes Lacoste to a whole new level and places it in the top as the most chic brand out there today. Baptista has a great understanding of what lines make men and women feel sexy and that’s exactly where he goes. Again, we meet a lot of admirable fearlessness that would make the late and great Jean René Lacoste extremely proud.

If we put the alligator business aside, I’d like to say well done to the people involved with the show’s production, from the video art to the music and all the front of house business (even though my seat was terrible)- Really, well done.

Pink Tartan: 

What: Womenwear

Where: Box at Lincoln Center.

Who: Kimberley Newport-Mimran

The collection was very obviously 60’s women (not girls, women) and men’s fashion inspired an in that way was very well done. But sadly, it was nothing we haven’t seen before. Don’t get me wrong, the collection was well executed, sexy and I would love to wear a lot of the items I’ve seen. I don’t mind a bit of nostalgia if it’s twisted into something brilliant and new, but that wasn’t it.

I’ll let you be the judge.

Charlotte Ronson: 

What: Womenwear

Where: Stage at Lincoln Center.

Who: Charlotte Ronson

Ok, it’s embarrassing story time:

So, as you may or may not know- I’m Israeli, which means a have a lot of nerve when it comes to jumping on opportunities. And in the business of opportunities, it’s not always a successful leap.

So, I got to the Charlotte Ronson show without RSVPing, cause I’m a dumbass, and I have a standing spot assignment. But I saw an open seat, next to Pat Fields, and it seemed like an opportunity. As soon as I sat down I put the gift bags in my my own bag, took my camera out and got ready for the show.

Then PR girl shows up and said “I’m sorry, that seat is saved for a guest” and I thought ‘oh well, I tried’  and climbed up the stairs to find a less glamorous seat. Not before PR girl climbed up the stairs after me and said “Oh, and can I have the gift bags you took?” I gave them back and went off to my standing assignment, in my heels. Trying to see who the seat was saved for.

After the show, I went to the girl who had the mentioned seat and said “Not only did I try to steal your seat, I tried to take your goodie bags too so I’d like to apologize, but you have people here who take very good care of you.” We shared a giggle, she said it was cool and we moved on. I thought it was hilarious.

Now that that’s behind us we can talk about the show.

The first few looks (as much as I could see from my mountain top position) looked like mom-jeans galore but it developed to be pretty cool and funky, a lot of clashing patterns which I love, very feminine vibe, florals, stripes, tie-dye- the works. Charlotte, you did ok.

ALDO Rise, Faster: 

What: Womenwear

Where: Milk Studios.

Who: Mark Fast

I’m confused. I’m not sure what is this collection, how I got there, what I was looking at and who would wear it- But I like it.

Alejandro Ingelmo: 

What: Footwear (Men & Women)

Where: Milk Studios.

Who: Alejandro Ingelmo

The absolute genius that is Alejandro Ingelmo is indescribable by words. I don’t know how much he knows about chiropractic business or comfort but I was never lucky enough to own a pair of his masterpieces. An architect of footwear.

Wing tip on snickers. Dare I ask for more?

Pamela Love: 

What: Womenwear

Where: Milk Studios.

Who: Pamela Love

I’m ashamed to say I’ve never heard of Pamela Love before walking into her presentation in Milk Studios- but I fell for her style at first site. It was a combination of western style and arabesque, full of exquisite details and amazing amazing pieces of jewelry. I can’t wait to pull from her.

Pamela and her models.

Erin Fetherston: 

What: Womenwear

Where: Milk Studios.

Who: Erin Fetherston

Here’s a bunch of one-word-ers to describe this collection (and presentation): Adorable, sexy, chic, feminine, strong, clever, ageless and timeless.

I really enjoyed this collection, Erin did it again!!

So that’s it for the 10th. It took forever to update this post… Sheesh.

Thank you for reading and as always, stay fantastic.


Karin Elgai